Inverse Presence



Chirk Castle, Wrexham June - August 2009

The aims of this three month residency were twofold - firstly to reflect upon and create works in response to the situation of Chirk Castle; its visitors, employees, the estate and secondly to interrogate the nature of the residency as an 'invitation to dwell' in a particular place for an extended period of time and to explore the interstice between ‘work’ and ‘art work’.

Part live art, part documentary, part diary, part research project; tracing a line from Andrea Fraser, to Becky Shaw and Richard Layzell, the project asks questions about roles and personas; about facts and fictions, of documenting and storytelling, and explores the potential to play with and blur invention and reality.



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Chirk Castle

When 'real' seems mediated: Inverse Presence

Andrea Fraser

Richard Layzell

Image © Fin Wright